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Benefits of Fabric Shelters

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No Foundation

All portable temporary shelters and fabric covered storage buildings are easy to set up and require no foundation. Fabric Shelters can be installed on earth, asphalt, concrete or a variety of other surfaces because they require no foundation...

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No Permits

It goes without saying that a fabric covered storage building that requires no foundation leads to much lower installation cost and much less time to install. Many times "no foundation" will also mean "no permit"...

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Quick Assembly

Our fabric covered storage buildings are faster-to-erect than virtually any other type of structure. Depending on the size you can set up small portable temporary shelters within few hours with nothing more than two or three people....

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Types of Shelters

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  • We've been in the fabric shelter industry for over 17 years and our history goes back to the 1970's.  We have shelters and structures on every continent on the planet, including Antarctica, and thousands from Maine to California, Florida to Alaska. 
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